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Veya Increase Regional Footprint

Friday, 15th September 2017: Walvis Bay

VEYA Information Communication Technology (Pty) Ltd.’s Managing Director, Winnith Schrywer states that sectors within fishing, manufacturing and tourism can benefit from improved connectivity and the advancements that ICT has to offer, especially in thriving communities such as Walvis Bay, that are at the heart of Namibia’s economy. Schrywer made these remarks at the inauguration of VEYA ICT’s Erongo’s regional office branch in Walvis Bay, signalling expansion into the Erongo Region. The event officially announced the company’s presence in the region and highlighted the benefits that they would be bringing to the town of Walvis Bay.

The company’s increased regional footprint will empower local communities by recruiting even in the face of challenging economic times, thus contributing not only to employment but also skills of the local economy. “This increases the skills of local people and encourages skilled workers to stay in the area instead of looking further afield for work experience and employment options. The ability to recruit locally will sit alongside the ability for additional VEYA services to be offered to local clients,” Schrywer added. VEYA ICT services would include, but not limited to, infrastructure and ATM support, along with business systems and integration. Beyond this, the new Walvis Bay branch allows VEYA to fulfil its commitment to existing clients more efficiently, as turnaround times and costs are reduced by the additional capacity offered by this branch.

Officiating at the event, His Worship, the Mayor of Walvis Bay, Immanuel Wilfred stated that industries and companies were dependent on ICT more and more as the years went by, in the form of expert infrastructure support to systems tailored for a specific business and industry.

“As a gateway for access to landlocked African countries, the port has become one of the most strategic locations in the area. The opportunity to reach 190 million consumers in the Southern African Development Community is indispensable for the continued growth of the global economy. As such, Walvis Bay through the advancement of information and communication infrastructure and support services will offer unparalleled economic potential for the region,” Honourable Wilfred stated.

VEYA’S goal is to champion ICT service excellence in Namibia whilst placing an emphasis on enhancing communities and skills across the country. The industries that VEYA is active in are testament to this vision of service excellence. They include telecoms, financial, retail, manufacturing, service industries, and mining, plus the public sector. VEYA has also developed and strengthened relationships with strategic partners such as SAP, Barn-Owl, and OnBase.

VEYA is an ICT company owned by Namibians with the aim of benefiting all Namibians. The expansion into Walvis Bay is a pivotal step for both VEYA and the town of Walvis Bay. It is hoped on both sides that the investment into the local economy will prove to be another boost to the port’s importance in the region and will help to develop the technology that will propel the area forward and achieve further global recognition.

The inauguration of VEYA ICT’s Walvis Bay branch marks another important milestone in the development of the company, as in October 2016, Gijima Information Technology Services became known as VEYA Information Communication Technology. This name change signified the final stage in the transformation of the company to being the first Namibian ICT leader

owned 100% by Namibians. Now, with their expansion into Walvis Bay, VEYA are fulfilling their promise of being an ICT leader for all Namibians.