About Veya ICT

Effective 1 October 2016, Gijima Information Technology Services became known as VEYA ICT. The name changed emanated from a corporate action which saw Gijima become 100% beneficially owned by Namibians.

VEYA means "we have come" - a word in a Namibian vernacular that has relevance to the fact that, for years, Namibians have waited for an ICT leader to call their own.

VEYA ICT has a specific mandate in its vision and mission to champion the goal of ICT service excellence in Namibia, a commitment which will raise the bar for the Namibian ICT sector.  We believe that there is a symbolic relationship between increased service delivery and professional development; as we continue to improve service delivery, we naturally create better Namibian ICT professionals.

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To be the preferred innovator providing cutting edge ICT business solutions in Namibia.




To provide excellent innovative products and services in High-End Infrastructure and Business Systems and Integration, through harnessing knowledge and skills.




We are consummate professions who believe in value of: Integrity, Customer Service, Excellence, Empowerment and Innovation.

Namibian Footprint

VEYA has been hosting, supporting, supplying, delivering, installing as well as commissioning IT related products, solutions and services in Namibia since 1999. VEYA offers products, services and solutions to the telecoms, mining, financial, retail, manufacturing, service industries as well as the public sector. VEYA has a significant footprint in Namibia, as is depicted in figure above.

VEYA’s Overall Experience and Qualifications

In today’s fast-paced business and public-sector environments, enterprises face the challenge of implementing flexible IT infrastructures that support on-going change and business process innovation. Such flexibility is the promise of a services-based approach and this architectural shift is a key trend in the information technology industry today.

VEYA represents a fundamental shift in the way that the IT industry designs, builds and delivers information systems. VEYA’s track record, as depicted below, shows a selection of companies from various industries. We have been involved in various implementation and upgrade projects on various levels.


VEYA currently has a staff compliment of over forty (40) strong, located across Namibia and delivering best of breed products, and tailor made solutions and services to our client base.

We pride ourselves as a market leader in the ICT sector, having built longstanding partnerships with industry leaders such as Diebold-Nixdorf, SAP, HP, Barn-Owl, Microsoft and others.

VEYA invests in increasing local skills and competence in the Namibian IT sector and is currently hosting a variety of sales, technical and project management, HP, Microsoft as well as various business related courses for our employees. At VEYA we believe in continuous investment and training of our employees and the improvement of Namibian skills pool.   

Meet The Team

Winnith Schrywer
Claudia White


Thomas Jonas
Kerii Tjitendero
Barry Tshikesho
Peter Kotze